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social media and communication guidelines for our club

In line with the FA's responsibility to safeguard children and young people involved in football, the Association has published a series of resources aimed at offering youth football clubs advice and guidance in the use of the internet, mobile phones, social media and email communications. Everyone involved in football must recognise that the responsibility to safeguard exists both on and off the field of play. This guidance has been developed and issued by the FA in response to requests for advice.


Clubs and leagues that set up websites have a responsibility to ensure safeguards are in place. Coaches, officials and those in a position of responsibility in the Club must ensure they communicate responsibly and are aware of these policies.


In accordance with this advice we have set up all of our Facebook accounts in the name of the club and year group and are explicitly for use by named members, parents and carers solely about football matters eg fixtures, cancellations and team selection. At no time should there be any personal communications, ‘banter’ or comments. Each of the individual team Facebook groups are 'Closed' and administered and monitored by each team's Communications Manager. We also have an 'Open' Club group which is administered and monitored by the Club's Communications Manager. 

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