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Inspiration is something that gives you the energy and determination to succeed; inspiration is contagious and comes not from just winning, but from losing, drawing, taking part and simply wanting to be the best you can be for your team mates and friends.  From your child’s very first training session, we will nurture your player, continually assess their ability, coach them as individuals and teach them the basic skills and behaviours required to give them the best chance to succeed. Very few players will become professionals, but we will inspire them to achieve their full potential.



As your player progresses they will continue to develop their skills and agility on the ball and improve their understanding and ‘reading’ of the game off it.  We concentrate on four key areas which are based on FA principles. These are: physical strength (for example movement, balance, agility and coordination), technical ability (for example running with the ball, passing, shooting, defending and ball control), social and finally physiological development (for example communication, teamwork, discipline and decision making).  As your player develops in these areas, they will instinctively develop the key skills required to become a confident and competent football player.



Some football clubs are blinded by a 'win at all costs' mentality - this, in our opinion can breed the wrong behaviours.  Equally, 'it's the taking part that counts' is not realistic,  doesn’t support the competitive nature of the game and is detrimental to the learnings taken from competitive sport.  So we choose to “compete to win” in a way that is inclusive and offers equal opportunities to all players who show commitment and a determination to improve. It doesn’t ultimately matter if the team win, lose or draw; if all the players have competed to the best of their ability then they’ve probably had a great competitive game.

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